UltimusAg Data Privacy Statement:

UltimusAg.com and SIMPAS-applied Solutions may relate to obtaining and providing different types of data.

  1. Ag Data. Through Customer’s use of the SIMPAS-applied Solutions, Ag Data may be collected. “Ag Data” means as-applied data, land data, field boundaries, images, yield data, lab results, soil samples, agronomic data, and other information that Customer or Customer’s agents provide to AMVAC, its affiliates, or the AMVAC-authorized SaS Retailer Agent from whom Customer purchases SaS, (“Retail Agent”) through the use of the SIMPAS-applied Solutions. For exemplary purposes only, certain as-applied Ag Data may be collected by a Retail Agent to verify product performance. Ag Data does not include any information that is either publicly available or capable of being obtained from a third-party source without such third-party source violating its obligations of confidentiality. Some types of Ag Data may link to personal information, such as Customer’s name, address, or email address. Protection of personal information is addressed in AMVAC’s privacy policy and subject to applicable privacy laws and regulations.

  2. Aggregated Data and Processed Data. AMVAC and/or Retail Agent may combine and anonymize Customer’s Ag Data with data from other users to create a summary of data for data analysis (“Aggregated Data”). Aggregated Data sharing may be the default setting for certain SIMPAS-applied Solutions; however, Customer has the option to “opt out” of Aggregated Data sharing at any time. If Customer opts out, Customer may lose some functions of the SIMPAS-applied Solutions. “Processed Data” may include, without limitation, features, functionality, tools, analyses, results, estimates, recommendations and other information generated, published, displayed, transmitted or made available in or by the SIMPAS-applied Solutions other than Ag Data, whether or not related to Ag Data. Aggregated Data and Processed Data is not considered Ag Data.

  3. AMVAC Content. “AMVAC Content” means data, tools, analyses, results, estimates, prescriptions, recommendations and other information generated, published, displayed, transmitted or made available to Customer in or by the SIMPAS-applied Solutions, except for Ag Data  and third party content, whether or not the AMVAC Content is related to Ag Data or third party content.  AMVAC Content includes Aggregated Data and Processed Data.

  4. Consent to Use Data. By using SIMPAS-applied Solutions, Customer acknowledges and agrees that AMVAC and/or Retail Agent may collect, store, use and disseminate Ag Data, Aggregated Data, and/or Processed Data to third parties for purposes of providing the SIMPAS-applied Solutions, for improving the SIMPAS-applied Solutions, and for other purposes in accordance with AMVAC’s Privacy Policy (as may be amended from time to time), which is incorporated by reference into, and made a part of, this Agreement. AMVAC’s Privacy Policy can be found at AMVAC’s website at https://www.amvac.com/privacy-statement. Please periodically check the website for changes to the Privacy Policy. AMVAC’s use, storage and dissemination of Ag Data, Aggregated Data, and/or Processed Data may continue after the termination of this Agreement.

  5. Ownership of Data. As between AMVAC and Customer, Customer is the sole owner of Ag Data. As between AMVAC and Customer, AMVAC is the sole owner of Aggregated Data and Processed Data and all associated technology and intellectual property rights. Customer hereby represents, warrants, and covenants that, for purposes of this Agreement, it has the right to collect and submit Ag Data and samples for the crops, chemicals, and land and to enter into this Agreement for such crops, chemicals, and land.